Why Choose Us for Semi-Trailer Leasing in Tacoma

Need a semi trailer? Here’s why you should choose New Way for your Tacoma semi-trailer leasing.
Need a semi trailer? Here’s why you should choose New Way for your Tacoma semi-trailer leasing.

When you’re looking to rent or lease a semi-trailer in Tacoma and the Seattle area, you have a lot of choices. So why should you choose New Way Leasing for your semi-trailer leasing?

Our CEO Heidi recently told a story about a client who had gone to a national company to lease a trailer. After 3 or 4 days of waiting for credit approval the client decided to seek help from a local company and chose New Way Leasing. We were able to provide the client with the trailer that they needed right away. By the time the national company got back to the client with credit approval, our trailer was already parked at the client’s dock.

What exactly makes us better than the competition?

The New Way Leasing Difference


We built our reputation on our people, and our team is highly motivated, dedicated, and highly professional. They are not only our strength, but their skills and knowledge are key to delivering for our customers.


We are based in Pacific and Tacoma WA, enabling us to cover the whole of the Puget Sound. Consequently we are best placed for our customers’ needs.


We know our business and we strive to understand our customers’ business and needs. We use our experiences to shape and refine our offer of services.

The Way We Work

Due to operational excellence in our business processes we can deliver high quality services to you on time, all the time. Getting the best service is dependent on working with the best in the business. Part of our commitment to each, and every customer every time you turn to us, is having the right team to deliver exceptional results.

We Care

We not only care about our people, but also how we conduct our business, and how we deliver for our clients without any excuses.


We do our utmost to understand our customers’ needs so that we can accurately meet their future requirements.


We have built our reputation over time by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations and proving not only our responsiveness but also our reliability in all our business transactions.

Contact Us for Tacoma Semi-Trailer Leasing

When you look at everything we bring to the table, you can see why companies throughout Seattle and Tacoma turn to us for semi-trailer leasing. Contact us today and experience the New Way Leasing difference for yourself.