Meet Our Team


Our CEO who took over after her husband Scott passed away in 2012. Originally from the Spokane area, she attended Spokane Falls Community College where she majored in communication. This helped her in sales where she has over 20 years of experience and over 10 in trailer leasing. She enjoys horse racing as a side hobby.


Newest member of New Way Leasing Inc. he is being groomed to take it over. He studied at Cascadia Community College for Business and Political Science. He enjoys playing basketball and video games in his spare time.


Ken has been with New Way Leasing Inc. going on 7 years. He handles both of our yards and oversees trailer operations. He was born with a “wrench and screwdriver in his hand” and has always been into mechanics. He’s traveled all over the United States as a trucker and was raised in the Greater Seattle area. He enjoys building model trains as a hobby.


Kim has been with New Way Leasing Inc. for over 7 years. She handles all billing and accounting related business. She’s worked with several major companies and has years of experience. She enjoys quilting and sewing.


Been with New Way Leasing Inc. for 2 1/2 years as our company mascot. Napoleon is responsible for keeping morale up in any way possible.