Why Choose a Semi-Trailer for Storage?

Why Choose a Semi-Trailer for StorageEveryone is confronted with the realization that they have too much stuff and require self-storage at some time in their lives, but which is the best option: traditional or portable? While you can keep your excess stuff in either, there are several benefits to using a portable unit rather than a standard one.

Here are some of the benefits of storing your belongings in a semi-trailer storage unit rather than in a standard storage unit:


This is perhaps the most significant benefit. When you put your belongings in a standard storage unit, you must either own, rent, or borrow a truck from a friend to get them to the storage unit. This can be a major annoyance. However, a semi-trailer storage unit, will be delivered to you, and you can then fill it up at your leisure, with no time constraints.

No driving

New Way Leasing will not only deliver your storage unit to you, but they also pick it up when it’s full and transport it to their secure storage facility, where you may store it for as long as you need. Because they deliver and pick up the storage unit, you won’t have to do any driving.

Saving time

Time is one thing that you can never get enough of. Because New Way Leasing does all the driving, a semi-trailer may cost a little more, but when you consider how much time you’ll save, not to mention how much money you’ll save on gas, it’s probably in your best interest to go with the semi-trailer.

All of this isn’t to claim that traditional storage facilities are outdated; they simply have better competition. Getting a semi-trailer storage unit is an obvious choice unless you only plan on storing a few items that can be simply and conveniently relocated to a standard storage unit by you.