Which is the Best Option: Storage Containers vs. Storage Trailers?

Looking for extra storage? Here are some key distinctions between storage containers and storage trailers.
Looking for extra storage? Here are some key distinctions between storage containers and storage trailers.

Knowing which storage option is ideal might be vital to a smooth logistics operation. Whether it’s your first time looking for storage, you need a storage room for your business, or you want to increase your current storage space, New Way Leasing can help. That is why we want to assist you in understanding your storage options and determining the optimal storage solution for your company.

Both storage containers and storage trailers have a variety of uses that can be tailored to your unique requirements. These two storage facilities are excellent rental options, and each has its unique set of advantages.

Storage Container

In comparison to storage trailers, storage containers serve a different purpose. They are usually found at ground level and served primarily as cargo containers. They were created to be utilized as a stack room for optimal storage while requiring minimal upkeep during various climatic changes. A storage container, unlike a storage trailer, does not have wheels and is transported to its destination using a flatbed truck or tilt bed. A storage container is the ideal option if you need several units of storage. The container is also a better option if you require little maintenance, stack ability, and ground-level access for a longer stay.

Storage Containers Facts

If you’re still on the undecided about whether or not to use storage containers, consider the following:

  • Renting a storage container is generally less expensive than renting a storage trailer.
  • Storage containers offer greater protection against natural and man-made disasters.
  • Container storage is an ideal solution for ground-level storage since it allows simple access to the goods and objects within the container.
  • Containers are the best option if you need more than one storage unit.
  • Choose a storage container if you want an easy-to-maintain container that can also be stacked.

Storage Trailer

If you’re thinking about renting a trailer for your business, there are a few things to consider before deciding if it’s right for you. Storage trailers, unlike storage containers, are at dock level and transportable. Trailer storage is the ideal solution if you’re carrying things from warehouse to warehouse and need a loading dock. It could save you time and energy if your storage is mobile and at the correct level.

The width of a storage trailer unit is greater than the width of a storage container. If you’re going to store your products on pallets and need a lot of space, the storage size is important. Additionally, loading and unloading with a storage trailer is significantly easier. Trailers can also be used as a short- or long-term storage solution. They provide the advantages of portability and accessibility. If you need a warehouse-friendly, movable storage solution, a storage trailer is the way to go.

New Way Leasing is here to help you find the best storage option for your Tacoma and Seattle area business whenever you need it.

Storage Trailer Facts

Here are some facts and features to help you decide whether or not to rent a storage trailer.

  • Generally speaking, storage trailers are larger than storage containers.
  • Pallets fit readily within the interior of storage trailers, which are normally 8 feet 6 inches wide.
  • Storage trailers are more convenient to load and unload as well as wheels that make them easy to move.
  • Storage trailers are easily accessible and easy to transport.
  • Trailers are an excellent solution for storing your items in a transportable manner.

If you need a storage trailer, New Way Leasing is here to provide you with the best storage service, so visit us and meet Heidi and the team, or give us a call.