The Differences Between Roll Doors and Swing Doors

Swing Door Trailers in Pacific, WAWhen choosing the right trailer to lease, it’s important to consider what type of door will make the most sense for your needs. For instance, our company sells both roll door and swing door trailers in Pacific, WA. Take a moment to learn about the differences between these two types of trailer doors before you make your final decision.

Roll Doors

The first practical roll door (or “roll-up door”) was introduced in the 1950s. It was initially created to address the issues of swing doors that would swing close at inopportune times when loading and unloading. This door pulls up from the base and rolls into the roofing of the truck, meaning it can be opened after docking. It is also easy to quickly close and lock, requiring very little effort from the driver or storage personnel. On the downside, the rear frame required to house this door results in slightly reduced opening clearance, as well as slightly less storage room.

Swing Doors

The swing door (or “barn” door) is infamous in the storage trailer industry. These doors are designed to maximize the net cargo area, requiring no internal housing in the truck, and allowing for the largest possible opening to the truck body. However, unlike a roll door, the swing doors must be fully opened before docking and can easily be knocked shut in windy conditions. On the plus side, swing door trailers can have extra doors on the side of the truck, which may help move inventory more quickly.