We’re Thankful for the Chance to Serve You

We’re so grateful we get to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and work with wonderful people.
We’re so grateful we get to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and work with wonderful people.

As we approach the Holiday season of 2021, family gatherings and holiday travel will be more difficult as our world continues to battle the coronavirus. Families who have lost loved ones may find the holiday season hard to bear. Being grateful and expressing gratitude is a good place to start when it comes to overcoming adversity.

Choosing to be grateful allows you to appreciate what you have right now. We often do not require more; instead, we should concentrate on and be grateful for what we already have. A thankful heart produces contentment.

The holidays are a stressful time for many of us. It is scientifically proven that reflecting on what we are grateful for lessens stress. According to gratitude research, feelings of gratitude have a huge positive effect in helping people cope with daily issues, particularly stress. We stay healthy by being grateful!

At New Way Leasing we are especially thankful for the past 23 years that we have been able serve the amazing folk of the Pacific Northwest. Our passion is providing storage solutions to fit every need, whether it be storing, renting or leasing.

We are thankful for the privilege of living and working in the Tacoma and Seattle areas. How amazing to be surrounded by such beautiful “picture book” scenery and to be able to enjoy the culture and all the entertainment offered.

It has been an honor to meet and get to know all the wonderful people we have worked with over the past 23 years and we are extremely thankful for the opportunity provided. Want to talk to us about working together? Please contact us.

The Thanksgiving holiday can help us develop thankful hearts. It allows us to count our blessings and express thanks, both of which make us feel good. What if we made the decision to be thankful every day and reaped the advantages of gratitude throughout the year? That’s our wish for you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.