Swing Doors vs Roll-Up Doors: What’s the Difference?

Swing doors like these are commonly used, but you’ll also find roll-up doors in semi-trailer rentals.
Swing doors like these are commonly used, but you’ll also find roll-up doors in semi-trailer rentals.

In the semi-trailer storage industry, there are generally two types of doors: roll-up and swing doors. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look.

Features of a Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors have the advantage of taking up relatively minimal space when being opened. There is no need for clearance in front of the door because it “rolls up” into the space above the opening. Because these doors roll into the unit rather than swinging outward, they provide a clean access to the trailer. Roll-up doors require some clearance inside the container to ensure that they can open and close without colliding with or becoming jammed by the contents stored inside.

Roll-up doors are convenient. When opening in bad weather, they are less of a hassle than swing doors. Roll-ups have the disadvantage of requiring more frequent maintenance. Also, swing doors have a smaller door opening (width and height) and are less secure.

In a nutshell, roll-up doors are, safer, more efficient, and more secure than other types of doors.

Features of Swing Doors

In order to swing open, swing doors require a few feet of clearance on the outside of the storage unit. Some swing doors come equipped with clips that can be used to fasten the door to the container while it is open. The clips keep the doors from swaying in the wind as they’re being loaded. Because there is no clearance space required inside the trailer, as with roll-up doors, the customer can load the trailer all the way to the door opening with swing doors.

Why do you want to have swing doors instead of a roll-up door?

When it comes to a roll-up door, there are a few other factors to consider. The door mechanism is more complex, and there is a higher risk of failure. This may affect the storage trailer’s ease of usage or water tightness. Once it has been opened, the rolled-up door is stored in a cylinder inside the trailer at the top of the unit, which may take up load space.

Roll-ups vs. swing doors? It’s a matter of personal preference. You must choose what works best for you, and as with most choices, there is a trade-off. If you need help choosing, talk to us at New Way Leasing. With our years of expertise in semi-trailer rental, we can show you the options and help you find the perfect trailer. Contact us today.