Semi-Trailer Storage vs Warehousing in Renton, WA

Considering expanding warehouse space? Take a look at semi-trailer storage; it might be a better alternative.
Considering expanding warehouse space? Take a look at semi-trailer storage; it might be a better alternative.

With the shortage of warehouses continuing to get worse every year, businesses in Renton, WA and throughout western Washington are forced to look at other storage options. That situation has given rise to the popularity of storage trailers.

The demand for storage trailers in recent times has been massive due to the rapid growth taking place in the e-commerce industry. As companies look to optimize storage and warehousing, one option they have discovered is the use of containers and trailers for “storage on wheels” warehouse operations.

How Businesses Can Benefit with Semi-Trailer Storage

One of the challenges that businesses contend with on a regular basis is effective warehouse management. This can be a supply chain manager’s biggest concern. Fortunately much-needed help is available due to advancements in warehouse management systems and the availability of storage trailers.

Storage can now be optimized by companies through the use of low-cost trailers that are available to rent or lease for short-term use. Solutions are being offered by storage trailers for faster delivery timeframes, and, due to flexibility all types of inventory are primarily available wherever and whenever required, allowing the business to respond to customer needs in any location.

An area that businesses are being benefitted by storage trailers is reverse logistics. Returned goods can be easily stored and moved, producing quick turnaround times when it comes to operations such as reassembling or recycling.

Storage Trailer vs Warehouse

Besides the benefits mentioned above motivating businesses to choose trailers instead of warehouses, transporting goods is easier if your storage is already on wheels. This is obviously why storage trailers are becoming so popular.

Using a warehouse to store your stock, means you need to load the goods onto trucks to move it, incurring extra costs for loaders as well as any equipment used. Because trailers don’t have these financial implications, they can possibly save the business a great deal of money.

Warehouse rates are a lot more expensive than storage trailer rentals, and bear in mind that you also don’t need to take care of maintenance.

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