Semi-Trailer Rental Tips in Everett, WA

Trailer Rental in Everett, WALeasing a commercial semi-trailer is one way to reduce costs, like those associated with maintenance, repair, and inspection. Long-haul drivers must often contend with inter-state compliance requirements that will be taken care of by the trailer owner. Working with a company, such as New Way Leasing, will ensure you have access to the commercial semi-trailers you want in the sizes you need. Commercial trailer rental in Everett, WA, will get you the trailer that’s going to pull through in severe driving and road conditions.

Ensure the Trailer is Road Ready

Renting a semi-trailer can be a viable alternative to purchasing one, but when planning to rent or lease a trailer, don’t complete the process over the phone or via email, without having seen the trailer first. A visual inspection is a must — check all brake lines, air hoses and couplings, and electrical connections for wear and tear and corrosion. Trailers that have been used under winter conditions may have corroded components from road salt and moisture.

Checking the floor, wall, and ceiling panels of van trailers for signs of stress or repair may indicate potential trouble or past highway accidents. You work hard for your pay, and knowing that the rolling stock you are pulling can stand up to the rigors of the road offers peace of mind.

The company you work with should inspect every trailer before you take possession, promising you that brakes, tires, lights, turn signals, and wiring are all up to code and in perfect working condition. Don’t forget cleanliness. Trailers should be clean and ready to accommodate your freight. The more you know about trailer rental, the more you’ll appreciate a company’s straightforward business approach. We like to say that getting the best service is natural when you work with the best people in the industry. With this in mind, find a commercial trailer rental company that has the supplies you need to keep your company moving.