New Way Leasing is a local family business serving our Auburn community for the last 17 years. We are woman owned, have excellent customer service and knowledge of our product. We specialize in storage trailers. We supply quality trailers (both swing and roll door) in a variety of sizes from 28’ to 53’. Storage trailers offer an excellent alternative to additional warehouse space and a flexible storage solution for growing companies, or those additional seasonal space requirements. New Way Leasing has rental options that provide portable storage for a day, a week, month or a year. Contact Heidi Nelson to discuss leasing a trailer that is right for you. See our BUY A TRAILER page to learn more about purchasing a used semi trailer or alternative storage.

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Our trailers are always inspected before they leave our yard. Inspections include brakes, lights, tires, turn signals, wiring and cleanliness. Our onsite mechanic makes for timely and efficient repairs. We are extremely proud to offer the best customer service around. With our own truck and on staff truck driver we are able to offer timely and efficient trailer delivery. Check us out, we are confident you will be pleased with our superior pricing.

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Park one of our trailer rentals on your site for easy and convenient access or, if space is limited load our trailers and safely store your expanding inventory in our secure yard.

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We are constantly updating and expanding our semi trailer rental inventory to better serve our customers. Please feel free to contact Heidi Nelson to reserve your trailer today. We look forward to serving you and are excited to show you how rental trailers can better serve your storage needs.

Pup trailers are shorter than most common standard semi trailers. Whereas a standard semi trailer is either 48 or 53 feet long, a Pup trailer is typically either 28 or 33 feet in length. This shorter length provides several benefits for specific use cases.
It is not uncommon, for example, to see Pup trailers in use on high-traffic city streets or in other confined areas where maneuverability is a concern. In busy downtown areas Pup trailers are utilized to deliver freight to businesses, packages to post offices, as well as for construction purposes.
Pup trailers can also be towed in tandem, two or three at a time. In trucker jargon, this configuration of hauling multiple Pup trailers is referred to as a Wiggle Wagon. Hauling in this manner allows for a single semi truck to haul several smaller loads intended for further disbursement once the initial destination is reached. At times this technique is employed for the purposes of mail distribution where each Pup trailer has a separate final destination.
As with standard semi trailers, Pup trailers exist in numerous different variants in order to suit a wide range of needs. These variants include, but are not limited to: single-, double-, triple-, and quad-axles, air-ride equipped, flatbed trailer, box (enclosed) trailer, refrigeration trailer, dump trailer, and tanker trailer.
Pup Trailer Information:
An air-ride trailer is equipped with what is referred to as an air-ride suspension system. This system is comprised of a compressor pump, inflatable bellows referred to as air springs, and a series of control valves. When air is pumped into the air springs the trailer’s chassis is raised from the axle. Conversely, when air is removed from the air springs the chassis lowers.
The goal of a trailer-based air suspension system is similar to that of a standard steel spring or leaf spring suspension: to provide a consistent and smooth ride. In contrast to a steel spring suspension, some air-ride systems provide additional benefits and features as they can be controlled by an onboard computer system. These benefits include: setting ride-height, raising and lowering the chassis as needed, and automatic self-leveling.
Air-Ride Trailer Information:
Trailers with multiple axles are used to tow heavy loads. This is due to both the safe carrying capacity of the trailer itself, as well as legal limits set by individual jurisdictions.
In Washington State, the number of axles a semi trailer has, along with the amount of space between the axles, determines the weight of the load the trailer is legally permitted to haul. RCW 46.44.041 defines these regulations using the following formula:
W = 500((LN/N-1)+12N+36)
W is the maximum weight in pounds (to the nearest 500 pounds) carried on any group of two (2) or more consecutive axles.
L is the distance in feet between the extremes of any group of two (2) or more consecutive axles.
N is the number of axles under consideration.
More information regarding RCW 46.44.041 can be found here: link here

Multi-axle Semi Trailer Haul Weight Example

Considering a standard hauling scenario, a tri-axle semi trailer, towed by a semi truck, would have a total of six axles. Three of these axles would belong to the semi truck with the remainder belonging to the semi trailer. According to the RCW mentioned above, the “maximum load in pounds carried on any group of 2 or more consecutive axles,” assuming a “distance in feet between the extremes of any group of 2 or more consecutive axles” of 18, would be 64,500 pounds. At the maximum, a load of up to 105,000 pounds could be legally towed in Washington provided the setup included an axle group distance of 85 feet or greater.
Assuming a quad-axle semi truck and trailer combination where the axle extreme is no less or greater than 21 feet apart, the maximum legal gross weight would be 72,000 pounds. With an axle extreme of 72 feet or greater, a maximum of 105,000 pounds would be legal.
The above information is for example purposes only and should not be considered official. To maintain legal compliance it is recommended that you confirm the operating restrictions for all locations in which you intend on hauling.
Multi-Axle Trailer Information:
Source: Link here



We employ our drivers rather than subcontract, and also employ a mechanic, Ken on site during business hours, 9 Am-5 Pm.


Our family owned business allows us to eliminate overhead to keep leasing and rental prices low for our loyal customers.


Drivers and trucks available for local delivery. Owning our own trucks and employing drivers allows us to deliver trailers on demand.


Park one of our trailers on your site for easy and convenient access or, if space is limited, load our trailers and safely keep your expanding inventory in our secure storage yard. We offer these storage services at a low price point!

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storage trailers allow you to pay for just the amount of storage your business needs. No more paying year round for extra warehouse space needed only during your busy season. If you are looking for seasonal storage long term or short term, we have an option for you. Improve your fleet without the hassle and expense of buying new equipment, with renting a trailer from New Way Leasing and Rentals.

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