Pup Trailers

Pup trailers are shorter than most common standard semi trailers. Whereas a standard semi trailer is either 48 or 53 feet long, a Pup trailer is typically either 28 or 33 feet in length. This shorter length provides several benefits for specific use cases.
It is not uncommon, for example, to see Pup trailers in use on high-traffic city streets or in other confined areas where maneuverability is a concern. In busy downtown areas Pup trailers are utilized to deliver freight to businesses, packages to post offices, as well as for construction purposes.
Pup trailers can also be towed in tandem, two or three at a time. In trucker jargon, this configuration of hauling multiple Pup trailers is referred to as a Wiggle Wagon. Hauling in this manner allows for a single semi truck to haul several smaller loads intended for further disbursement once the initial destination is reached. At times this technique is employed for the purposes of mail distribution where each Pup trailer has a separate final destination.
As with standard semi trailers, Pup trailers exist in numerous different variants in order to suit a wide range of needs. These variants include, but are not limited to: single-, double-, triple-, and quad-axles, air-ride equipped, flatbed trailer, box (enclosed) trailer, refrigeration trailer, dump trailer, and tanker trailer.
Pup Trailer Information:
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