Seattle Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

We love Seattle and all the people we get to serve.
We love Seattle and all the people we get to serve.

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To break away from our usual blog topics, we decided to share some interesting Seattle trivia with you.

  1. The Great Seattle Fire of 1889 completely destroyed Seattle’s original business district. An overturned glue pot sparked a raging fire in a city with mostly wooden structures.
  2. Rather than rebuilding the city from the ground up, it was decided to construct the new city on top of the old city. As a result, several areas of modern-day Seattle are 22 feet higher than the original city.
  3. Take an Underground Tour to wander through late-nineteenth-century businesses and sidewalks. You’re probably walking right over the tour if you see enormous purple gems on the sidewalk in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. These are skylights to provide some light underground.
  4. Every year, tourists stick thousands of pieces of gum to the Gum Wall, which is located behind Pike Place Market in Post Alley. It all began in 1990, when people waiting in line for shows at Unexpected Productions stuck their gum and coins on the wall to pass the time.
  5. While you might think the Space Needle is the most photographed landmark in Seattle, in actual fact the Pink Elephant car wash sign on Denny Way and Battery Street is. Sadly, the car wash closed as of the end of 2020.
  6. Rachel is the name of the 550-pound bronze pig that stands in front of Pike Place Market. In 1986, the non-profit Pike Place Market Foundation decided that a piggy bank would be perfect for raising money to support housing and services for low-income neighbors.
  7. Despite the rain, Seattle residents purchase more sunglasses than any other city on the planet.
  8. At 7,710-feet long, the 520 Floating Bridge connecting Seattle and Bellevue is the world’s longest floating bridge.
  9. The city’s highest recorded temperature was 103°F on July 29, 2009, and the city’s coldest recorded temperature was 0°F on January 31, 1950.
  10. While it may not appear to be the ideal place to be during a natural disaster, the Space Needle has a 30-foot-deep foundation that can withstand a 9.1-magnitude earthquake and winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

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