How Do I Maximize Space in My Storage Semi-Trailer?

If you’re using a semi-trailer for storage, you can maximize your space with these smart techniques.
If you’re using a semi-trailer for storage, you can maximize your space with these smart techniques.

Are you looking for storage solutions for semi-trailers in the Tacoma and Seattle area? Many companies use on-site semi-trailer storage to store office supplies, furniture, documents, excess inventory, workshop space, valuable equipment, and other commonplace items within easy reach.

If you use the items in your semi-trailer storage on a regular basis, it’s worthwhile taking time to plan your layout carefully.

Here’s some ideas from New Way Leasing on how to load a semi-trailer for on-site storage and make the most of your extra space.

Semi-Trailer Storage Ideas to Try

When putting your semi-trailer storage ideas into action, consider the trailer as a blank canvas that can be quickly adapted to meet your company’s specific demands. Treat the trailer as though it were a spare room.

  • Plan before you begin loading. Visualize how you want to set up your semi-trailer storage, then measure and map it out to ensure it can be done properly.
  • Provide a path for yourself. If you’ll be retrieving items from the trailer on a regular basis, make sure there’s a pathway inside. It should be large enough to accommodate two persons and offer easy access to all sections of the container. To make a simple center walkway, just load your items against three walls.
  • Install shelving and racks. Installing shelving and/or racks in the interior of your semi-trailer is a simple method to change and utilize the space available. Use freestanding shelf units and pop-in racks that are fastened to the walls with tie downs. This interim solution necessitates no permanent damage to the unit and allows you to reconfigure as needed.
  • Use transparent plastic containers that are strong. Clear plastic tubs are a better storage option than cardboard boxes, which degrade with time and with repetitive handling. Plastic tubs are also easy to open and seal, allow you to see what’s within, and protect the contents better.
  • Filing cabinets are useful. Filing cabinets, as in a conventional office, are a terrific method to organize any documents kept inside your semi-trailer. and the best part is you can just load them into the trailer as is.
  • Check to see that all storage labels are visible. Label all boxes, tubs, filing cabinet doors, and other items where you are storing things in a way that makes them visible, preferably on both sides, in order to find things quickly and efficiently. Making a map of the trailer layout is also recommended, as it can aid in locating items before anyone even enters the container to get them.
  • Put frequently used items at the entrance. Any items that must be accessed frequently should be kept near the front of the trailer or in the first row of stored objects. Avoid stacking too many objects on top of each other, particularly heavy items.
  • Keep a ladder and a dolly handy. Remember to include a designated space for a ladder (to safely reach high goods) and a dolly (to easily move heavy items) when planning the layout of the space.

If you are inspired by these storage solutions for semi-trailer storage, you might be interested in learning more about how New Way Leasing can assist your company in developing specialized on-site storage solutions. Contact us today to discuss the semi-trailer storage rentals we have available.