Auburn Semi-Trailer Rental or Leasing: How Do You Choose?

Confused about semi-trailer rental and leasing? We can help.
Confused about semi-trailer rental and leasing? We can help.

Has your Auburn, WA company recently realized an upcoming project means it needs to expand its trailer fleet?  You are probably wondering which trailer will provide the best solution for your business. If you have decided not to purchase a new trailer, then it is critical to establish whether semi-trailer rental or leasing is the best option for your company, to be certain that your trailer fleet is able to meet your seasonal and upcoming special projects.

The Benefits of Rental and Leasing

To begin with, its worth mentioning that both renting and leasing have advantages over ownership.

It is easier with both options to:

  • Keep your fleet updated with the latest trailer models and technologies
  • Be flexible in meeting your fleet needs
  • Comply with up-to-date trailer regulations
  • Acquire equipment without huge upfront costs
  • Avoid depreciating assets
  • Receive maintenance support without having to employ specialized mechanics

Here are several key distinctions to help you decide whether your company’s exact needs are best met by either renting or leasing.

Semi-Trailer Rental Benefits

Flexible Duration: Rental contracts are always open-ended, allowing you the flexibility of returning the trailer after one day, one month, or longer.

Asset Substitution: If one of your existing trailers is temporarily out of commission due to repairs, a rental substitute will ensure your capacity is always flexible.

Short-Term Needs: If your new project is less than one year, your best option is to rent instead of taking on a long-term lease.

Pay-Per-Use: You can make your semi-trailer rentals work for you by only renting what you actually need, when you need it. It costs money to have an underutilized trailer sitting in your yard.

Trailer Leasing Benefits

Fixed Rates: Once your lease is signed your prices will remain the same for the full agreed term, regardless of what the market dictates.

Cost Savings: You have the ability with your lease, to lower your overall daily price. The semi-trailer lease costs become more economical the longer the contract commitment.

Extended Needs: Whether your project needs a tractor-trailer for twelve months or longer, an agreement can be drawn up by the trailer leasing company to ensure you meet your obligation.

Availability Guaranteed: Renting is usually first come, first served, whereas your leasing agreement guarantees the exact equipment you need will be available exactly when you need it.

Whether you decide to rent or lease, a high-performing, reliable trailer solution should be available for you at a competitive price. With more than two decades of experience, at New Way Leasing we provide the dependability, flexibility and customization our clients need to keep their companies running as smoothly as possible, whether it be fleet capacity or storage solutions. Call us today about semi-trailer rental in Auburn, WA or anywhere in the Seattle area.