Renting Swing Door Trailers

Swing Door Trailers in Pacific, WATrailers that have swing doors or “barn” doors are very common in the trailer industry. They are designed to maximize the amount of cargo area. Many trucking professionals are looking for the largest possible opening for their trucks’ bodies or trailers, and swing doors are the answer.  They can be manufactured in a variety of custom sizes and materials. Industry-standard doors of swing door trailers in Pacific, WA, are made with a plywood core combined with a galvanneal interior, designed to withstand heavy use, with a high gloss white aluminum exterior face.

Beyond this combination of swing door components, there are additional cores available on the market, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE or “Plate”) and polypropylene honeycomb.  Upgraded skins can also include stainless steel.

Many business owners prefer to rent swing door trailers for as long as they need them, but for no longer. They assume and often experience that this avoids long-term maintenance costs of owning swing door trailers. The best way to make a sensible decision on whether you’d prefer renting to owning swing door trailers is to weigh the obvious and hidden costs of ownership and then decide if it’s worth the business investment or not.