Looking For New Trucks For Your Fleet?

If you’re thinking about adding some new trucks to your fleet, there is no better time than now to start shopping around. New models for 2020 are now in production, and we’ve got the lowdown on what you can expect in medium to heavy-duty models.
Even though there are some lingering doubts about which way the economy is going to swing in the coming months, truck manufacturers are predicting high volumes. The last few years have been good for our industry, but even if a slowdown is on the horizon, it would seem that manufacturers have prepared for that as well.
New features in production now
Some of the new features we will see revolve around safety, driver comfort, automation, and greater fuel efficiency. There are also plenty more gas-powered trucks – and not a lot of conceptual or alternative fuel trucks.
Culled from what’s been announced so far, here are a couple of the trucks we are looking forward to seeing on the road in the coming year:
Ford F-600, 650, 750 (Class 1 – 7)
The F-750 is the biggest of Ford’s “Super Duty” models and will be offered as diesel tractors, diesel straight-frames, and gas straight-frames. Ford is actually the only manufacturer that offers both diesel and gas engines in their class 6 and 7 vehicles.
The new V8 7.3 liter engine that was launched this year in their F-Series Super-Duty pickups is now available in Super Duty chassis cab as well as F-650 and F-750 medium-duty models.
The interior of the cab and the instrument panel have been updated as well, with a new steering column, AM/FM radio with USB ports, and Bluetooth standard. You’ll also find 4G LTE Wi-Fi modems that will accommodate up to 10 devices as a standard feature in all commercial vehicles in this line. This technology supports more efficient fleet management and can significantly reduce operating costs.
Freightliner Cascadia
Already one of the most powerful and aerodynamic trucks on the road today, the new Freightliner Cascadia brings enhancements that make the vehicle safer, and more efficient than ever before. It also offers some innovations, like an automated manual transmission equipped with Daimler’s Intelligent Powertrain Management 6, an adaptive, predictive cruise control.
The new Cascadia will be the only truck on the road with level-2 automation. This provides highly advanced lateral and forward-direction driver-assistance features, automatic headlights and wipers, smart high beams, object and people detection, an active brake assist system, and adaptive cruise control.
You’ll also enjoy even better aerodynamics than previous models and a 35 percent better fuel efficiency. Fleet operators can access analytics and additional safety features through the Detroit Connect platform.
These are just a couple of the new trucks coming down the pike. Depending on your needs, you can access exciting new features in all ranges, from class 1 through 7.
As the holiday season approaches, we have lots of available units for lease or rent. Call us today to reserve yours!
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