Different Types of Semi-Trailers

Semi-trailers come in lots of shapes and sizes.
Semi-trailers come in lots of shapes and sizes.

We see semi-trailers all the time being hauled by semi-trucks efficiently transporting goods on local streets, or on our interstate highways right throughout the country. Some companies employ trailers for other uses such as stationary storage. Whatever purpose these trailers are used for, they are versatile and economical. And because they are available in many sizes and types, they are readily adaptable for many uses.

In this article from New Way Leasing, we explain the different semi-trailer types so you can decide which is best suited to your needs. We can help with trailer rentals and storage all throughout the Seattle and Tacoma area.

Enclosed Trailers

More commonly known as box trailers or van semi-trailers, as well as other less known names, these trailers are long, rectangular steel boxes, completely enclosed with doors at the back or on the side for loading and unloading. These trailers main advantage is protecting the cargo from the elements, spillage, road debris and thieves.

These trailers are also available with flexible, synthetic curtain sides to protect the cargo.

Specialty Trailers

Car carrier trailers have been designed to specifically load and unload automobiles. Car manufacturers often use them to deliver new vehicles to automotive dealers. They are also popular with travelers who prefer to fly and have their vehicle delivered to their destination.

Refrigerated trailers, also known as reefers in the trucking trade, are box trailers equipped with refrigeration units, allowing truckers to safely haul perishables, such as meat, that need to avoid spoilage by being kept cool.

Flatbed Trailers

These trailers have long, open beds with no walls or roof. Their main advantage is that they are easier to load, which is particularly important when dealing with very large, bulky and heavy machinery. They often carry heavy materials such as lumber, steel and concrete products. The loads are often covered with tarps to protect them from the weather, vandals and thieves.

There are different types of flatbed trailers:

  • The most common one has a flat floor with a bulkhead between the truck and trailer.
  • Drop-deck trailers, also known as step-deck trailers, with beds that step-down a level from where they attach to the truck that’s hauling them.
  • Double drop-deck trailers, also called lowboy trailers, are flatbeds in which the bed is dropped as low as possible. These trailers are used for hauling heavy equipment, major machinery or over-sized cargo.

Tank Trailers

Tank semi-trailers are basically large tanks on wheels, used to transport many types of liquid products, including milk and gasoline. Industrial gases are carried in specially manufactured tank trailers.

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