How Do I Maximize Space in My Storage Semi-Trailer?

If you’re using a semi-trailer for storage, you can maximize your space with these smart techniques.

Are you looking for storage solutions for semi-trailers in the Tacoma and Seattle area? Many companies use on-site semi-trailer storage to store office supplies, furniture, documents, excess inventory, workshop space, valuable equipment, and other commonplace items within easy reach. If you use the items in your semi-trailer storage on a regular basis, it’s worthwhile taking […]

Semi-Trailers for Storage or Cartage: What’s the Difference?

Do you need a semi-trailer for storage or cartage? What’s the difference?

Businesses on the lookout for a semi-trailer for rent or for sale usually want to use it for one of three things: storage, cartage, or over-the-road haulage. In reality, they’ll frequently describe their search in the browser as “semi-trailer for storage,” or “used cartage semi-trailer”. But what exactly do these terms mean, and what kinds […]

Swing Doors vs Roll-Up Doors: What’s the Difference?

Swing doors like these are commonly used, but you’ll also find roll-up doors in semi-trailer rentals.

In the semi-trailer storage industry, there are generally two types of doors: roll-up and swing doors. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look. Features of a Roll-Up Doors Roll-up doors have the advantage of taking up relatively minimal space when being opened. There is no need for clearance in front of […]

What Will Fit in My Storage Trailer?

We have a storage trailer the right size for every storage need.

At New Way Leasing, we have a variety of storage trailers available for rental. They come in different sizes, from our smallest 28-foot trailer to 40, 45, 48, and even 53 feet long! Of course, the size of storage trailer you require will depend entirely on what and how much you need to store. We […]

Why Choose Us for Semi-Trailer Leasing in Tacoma

Need a semi trailer? Here’s why you should choose New Way for your Tacoma semi-trailer leasing.

When you’re looking to rent or lease a semi-trailer in Tacoma and the Seattle area, you have a lot of choices. So why should you choose New Way Leasing for your semi-trailer leasing? Our CEO Heidi recently told a story about a client who had gone to a national company to lease a trailer. After […]

Storage Trailer Solutions for Your Tacoma Business

Consider a storage trailer to solve a variety of business problems.

Apart from providing adaptable storage solutions, there are many business applications available with versatile semi-trailer storage rentals in Tacoma. A customized storage trailer will give you a mobile base or work unit if you need to take your business on the road. A storage trailer can be rented to provide additional space for: Peak season […]

How Secure is the Cargo in Your Semi-Trailer?

Take the time to make sure your semi-trailer cargo is secure.

Have you ever started on a trip with your semi-trailer, and just as you take a corner you hear a sliding sound and a thud? You say to yourself “Uh oh! That sounds like the cargo has shifted.” The thing about this scenario is that it could easily have been prevented with proper cargo securement. […]

Is Renting a Semi-Trailer in Tacoma the Answer?

Consider all the factors when you choose to purchase or rent a semi-trailer.

A question that keeps many Tacoma business owners up at night is, “Should I rent or buy a semi-trailer?” While there are some tax advantages with ownership and you can add the semi-trailer as an asset, building up equity, renting is more flexible and is generally less expensive. Rent a Semi-Trailer or Buy? If cash […]

Semi-Trailer Storage vs Warehousing in Renton, WA

Considering expanding warehouse space? Take a look at semi-trailer storage; it might be a better alternative.

With the shortage of warehouses continuing to get worse every year, businesses in Renton, WA and throughout western Washington are forced to look at other storage options. That situation has given rise to the popularity of storage trailers. The demand for storage trailers in recent times has been massive due to the rapid growth taking […]

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Used Semi-Trailer in Kent, WA

Considering adding to your fleet permanently? New Way Leasing sells used trailers from our renting inventory.

You can save a lot of upfront costs when purchasing a used semi-trailer, if you make the right decision. It is not only a cost-effective way of getting into the owner/operator business, but also an economical way, if your company is growing rapidly, to build your fleet quickly. When considering a used semi-trailer, matching your […]